Friday, April 27, 2007

week 13--tapering

the week's recap.

took monday off. proved to be another week without feeling like swimming at ALL.

tuesday. 30 minutes of spinning with 6 hard 30" pickups. would've been longer, but ended up having to do a little damage control with a very unhappy client. no, NOT one of mine! :-)

wednesday. skipped swimming again and went out for a 60' run at los alamitos. my favorite thing to do out there is set my watch for 30', run out, and then turn around and try to beat 30' on the way back in. managed to beat it by almost 2 minutes, even though i had to stop twice for 2 different people who had their dogs off-leash. i like dogs, but i'm not taking any chances.

thursday. brick with the team. legs felt like noodles. couldn't get it together and just had to focus on cadence on the bike and the run. hmmm...definitely in a taper...or just desperately in need of more sleep.

today. off.

tomorrow. scheduled swim and run at redwood shores, but i think i might blow it off for a nice local ride with some of the girls. i have a baby shower to go to later on and i just don't feel like driving all the way up to RWS to get all sweaty and salty and then be late for the shower.

on sleep...i don't get enough anymore. it's nice to work mornings and be done earlier in the day, but it's difficult to get to bed early. it's even harder now that it stays light for so long. my circadian rhythms just don't get the gist of sacking out while there's a drop of sunshine left in the sky.

i tried to sleep in this morning, but my freakin' cat decided THAT wasn't going to happen for me. after listening to her yowl through the door at me for about 1.5 hours, i gave it up. ah, well--she's 21 years old, what can you expect? she's a little demented.

and what is with the weather today? having had absolutely NO hot-weather training, i have to say i'm a little scared... time to start obsessively monitoring the forecast for Bradley, CA.

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