Friday, April 20, 2007

Hmmm...slower week than anticipated

Don't have much time.

In short, skipped swimming all week--just couldn't face the thought of getting in the water. Not sure why, since I'm a water-baby at heart.

Hill repeats on Wednesday. Rode up Bernal 3x toward IBM. Nice climb--about 1.25 miles from Heaton Moor to The viewpoint just past Santa Teresa County Park.

Team brick yesterday--just spinning on Foothill. Legs a bit spent from Wednesday. Only ran a mile afterward instead of the 2 mile marker set, because I'm such a slacker.

Day off today.

Practice tri tomorrow...eek. An Olympic distance tri as practice? I'm not that freaked out, so I must be ready. No doubt I'll sleep like the dead tomorrow night, though!

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