Tuesday, May 01, 2007

the exercise avoidance zone...

so...i never intend to do absolutely nothing when i taper, but it always seems to shake out that way.

i had a nice bike ride saturday morning with some of the girls from the team (instead of the open water swim at RWS), and since then, nothing.

i meant to swim yesterday. i meant to spin today, and i've got yoga in mind for this evening. i mean to swim tomorrow as well, which will probably consist of me bringing my swim gear to work and, well, NOT swimming. :-D

i've been falling back on my usual pre-event week plan: eating whatever the hell i want to. luckily this time around i'm craving healthier foods. last year before wildflower olympic, all i wanted to eat was chocolate--and not necessarily the good stuff, loaded with antioxidants and exotic tidbits like chili peppers and candied orange peel. no, what i wanted was good old hershey bar chocolate, sans s'more ingredients.

i must have eaten 10 hershey bars that week.

maybe they did me good. i went a lot faster than i thought i was going to...then again, it was my first triathlon--i pretty much thought i was going to be carted across the finish line in an ambulance. my expectations were pretty low.

hmmmm...what to make for dinner? *eyeballs 1/2 gallon of cake-batter ice cream*

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