Thursday, April 05, 2007

hack hack cough back to track tonight!

still feeling better and better...but i hate that week or two of aftermath when you just keep coughing and hacking and can't get it to stop.

i'm heading back to track practice tonight. we'll see what i'm up for. i haven't run in a couple weeks, so i need to be careful and not push it too much. probably will stick with the elites or age groupers. i have a bit of a headache, but i think that's a result of coughing a lot today.

also--went out for another ride yesterday, with much better results than tuesday...hardly any coughing at all. i did the entire mckean/bailey loop from almaden lake park--about 18.5 miles. it was fun--i've never ridden out there on my bike before, and it's very pretty--you go right past calero reservoir. plenty of cyclists about, too. descending bailey by myself was a little scary for me--it's a little twisty but really no worse than 84...just a whole lot shorter and lots fewer cars.

i haven't slept very well this week. i'm glad i have a relatively late start tomorrow morning. it will give me a chance at a little extra rest.

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