Monday, March 16, 2009

Vineman training: week #2

Monday, 3/9: Took an unauthorized recovery day. It was much needed after The previous Sunday's ordeal. Kept it to about 40 minutes of yoga.

Tuesday, 3/10: Spinning at Trek in San Jose. No Lynn and Hayley; as they are going back to work at the pub on Tuesdays for the next month or so. Spin up drill, followed by one short climbing drill, followed by LOTS of sprints. We did 10 sprints, 15" each, in the highest gear possible, building cadence the whole time. 1:45 recovery in between. This was right up my alley...I LOVE fast twitch stuff, really jumping on it. After the first 5, Bill looked at me and asked if I could even feel them. I said yes, but apparently he saw right through me; after that, we had to sprint in the biggest gear we could hold 100+ cadence at. Holy. Crap. Then we did 5 more sprints, only 8" long, with 52" recovery. Legs pretty much died. Then one more short climbing drill and that was it. Probably the most toasted I have ever felt after a spin--it was great.

Wednesday, 3/11: Did about 45 minutes of corrective work on my shoulder, and thenI went to my first-ever Tattersols workout. Tattersols is a all female running and racing team that meets at the Stanford Track every Wednesday evening. I had been kind of nervous about it; CJ had told me they are all really fast, so I was worried I might just get totally smoked. It wasn't bad though, I think I may have been a bit more "middle-of-the-pack." It was a relay-based workout, and I couldn't say how far I ran...just that I ran a lot. It was a lot of fun and a great workout.

Thursday, 3/12: First swim workout of training. I have joined Menlo Masters, but the heater has been broken since I joined, and I am sorry but I am NOT going to swim in a 68-70 degree pool...I don't need the swim time THAT badly. So, I went to Rinconada. It's so peaceful, really one of my favorite places to swim. I went 2300, and the shoulder actually felt pretty good!

Friday, 3/13: Took another recovery day.

Saturday, 3/14: Team workout at 8am. Riding from Edgewood and Canada. It was COLD, and I ended up sweeping the Elites (intermediate) riders on a 20 mile ride. So it was slow, slow, slow...and I was frozen. I think I burned 3 calories riding and about 2000 just trying to stay warm. Afterward, stood around at the intersection for another 2+ hours waiting for everyone else to finish practice. Then went for my own run with Sarah, 6 miles. Felt absolutely shredded but she managed to drag me through it. I pretty much went home and collapsed.

Sunday, 3/15: Rode 40 miles of rollers, again with Sarah, again feeling a bit shredded. At least I wasn't as cold as I was Saturday. Came down Edgewood into Redwood City. Scary. Not sure I am gonna do that again.

So...things I clearly need to figure out are eating a bit better for improved recovery, and fitting in some more resistance training.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Vineman training: week #1

Here's how the past week of training went.

Monday, 3/2: Sign up for full Vineman at 4pm. Immediately start freaking out. Frantically start texting Stephanie, who advises me to sign up for a half-iron distance sometime in May. Sign up for the Auburn Half. Freak out some more.

Tuesday, 3/3: Meet with Stephanie to set up training program. Realize I can probably do this. Go to Bill's spin class at San Jose Trek at 7pm, wherein I find that Lynn and Hayley will now be regular attendees, since Lynn is going to be training with me.

Wednesday, 3/4: Have every intention of going to Tattersols in the evening, but realize that my schedule needs a little reworking for me to make a 630pm track workout for the next 5 months. Opt for a 5 mile run/walk with Sarah.

Thursday, 3/5: Session with Kristi-the-insanely-strong-massage-therapist to reset my dials for some serious training. She spends her time, in order of most important to least important, on right calf, left calf, right IT band, left IT band, and right shoulder. It was so intense I thought I might puke once or twice. Coach track in the evening for TNT.

Friday, 3/6: Everything is still very tender to the touch from Kristi's work of yesterday. No working out.

Saturday, 3/7: Coach swim/bike workout for TNT in early am. Then head out for 5 mile run at the dish (again with Sarah). Kristi has done great work as usual, everything feels great, nothing tightens up...however, in the evening I notice that my IT bands are covered with bruises. Holy mackerel.

Sunday, 3/8: Meet at Piedmont and Sierra to ride Calaveras loop with Lynn, Hayley, Caroline, Brigitte, Denise, and Ivy. About 5 miles up, Ivy falls over while trying to clip out and breaks her ankle...badly. Luckily we are still low enough to get decent cell phone reception, and a couple off-duty police officers stop to help us. The paramedics get her taken care of quickly with stabilization and pain meds, and then transport her and Hayley to the hospital. Now there are 5 chicks with 7 bikes--5.3 miles away from our cars--and nobody feels much like riding anymore. CJ and Brigitte hop a ride down the hill with one of the police officers. They came back up in their cars and somehow we manage to stuff 7 bikes and 5 women into a sedan and an SUV, with a total of 2 actual bike rack slots between them. Pretty amazing. We all meet up at the hospital to see that Ivy is getting good care and that her family is arriving to take care of her. We take off one by one and I head back up the peninsula a little freaked out, but with the pressure of needing to ride another 25 miles in the back of my mind. So I head to Sarah's house, and bless, her she is willing to head out and back with me for 25 miles on Foothill, just for the saddle time. I am shaken but I think it is good that I got back onto my bike right away.

Now, it's Monday...should be a swim day, but I was so tired after yesterday's ordeal that I just wanted to sleep in and ditch the 7am masters workout. Got an email from Ivy, and she was prepped and ready for surgery by 4pm yesterday afternoon; today she has 2 screws and a plate in her ankle, and clearly, she will not be doing Wildflower this year. :-(

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

This just in...

Wow. A lot has happened since I ventured here.

The long and short of it:

I have signed up for and am now training for Vineman 2009, a full Iron-distance triathlon to take place on August 1st in Santa Rosa, California.

I still have a broken wing, but according to physician, swimming, biking, and running are all still okay. I will probably need shoulder surgery, but I really won't be delaying it that long, if at all...I would probably have scheduled it in August anyway, as that is my slowest month of the year at the gym.

Right now, I am frantically writing a workout schedule and signing up for "tune-up" events leading up to the big day. I have a lot of details to work out. I will post more when I have a bit more of a fence around it.

Oh, my lord. Five short months. What have I done? :-D