Saturday, April 07, 2007


Today's workout was a TNT tradition, and the most fun anyone ever has while getting a brick workout.

FYI: a brick workout is a workout wherein 2 (or sometimes all 3) of the triathlon disciplines are performed together. Usually it's a bike followed by a run, to get your legs used to that awful, jello-y feeling they get for the first mile of a run done immediately after a long, hard ride.

Anyway, the term ride-n-tie refers to a method cowboys used to use to get around when there were two cowboys with only one horse between them. One would set out riding, the other walking in the same direction. After some time, the one on the horse would stop, tie the horse up on the side of the trail, and set off on foot. The second cowboy would "catch up" to the horse, jump on, and pass the first (now on foot). Thus, they would leapfrog along the trail at a pace faster than if they were both on foot.

Anyway, our ride-n-tie happens at Bayfront Park. We partner up and use mountain bikes. We are also required to dress up with our partners in matching costumes. Susan and I were Team Hottie, wearing our pink hottie socks, pink hottie hats, bright pink feather boas, and leopard print sunglasses. Lynn and Hayley reigned supreme by showing up as Catholic school girls.

It was a ton of fun and I felt pretty good. The evil cold is almost completely gone! It's fun to tear around on a mountain bike over bumps and potholes when you're used to being a scaredy-cat roadie. Running felt great--I probably ran a total of 5 miles.

The legs and lungs are definitely ready to get back into some serious mileage. Long course pros are meant to run for 11 miles tomorrow.

Next week will be a big week...time to get my HILL on! I found a ride on the PA bikes website called the "ring of fire." I think I might attempt to tackle that Monday afternoon or Tuesday evening. Swimming is still taking a backseat to cycling and running, but I'll fit at least one good one in this a tentative paddle out to go surfing with James on Wednesday! Keeping the fingers crossed... Thursday is a team brick workout, and Saturday will be the last long ride with the team before race weekend...Old La Honda! Yep, gonna be a big week...

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