Saturday, February 23, 2008

this week's workouts...

...were sparse following a three-day, mostly downhill backpacking trip sat, sun, and mon.

tues and wed, off.

thurs: rx'd x-fit workout: 400m followed by 50 squats, 4 rounds for time (12:44), then balance and agility with the team, 6 rounds.

friday: modified x-fit workout: max reps of DB press and pullups, 5 rounds. used 20# dumbells and medium sized band. totals were...


really died on the chest press. shaking wildly on last set. pullups are getting a lot better, though.

now, i'm trying to whip up the desire to go work out again...after freezing my butt off on the pool deck all morning. sigh...when nothing but a mug of hot chocolate and a book sounds any good to me.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

and another thing...

My spin class rocks. My legs are shaky and burn-y, 1.5 hours after its end.

This past weekend, I was a lot faster on the road. A lot faster.

Go to Trek Bikes in San Jose. It's the best!

all about me

I haven't checked in on myself in a long least not in the blog.

I have temporarily abandoned endurance training in earnest for a while. While I am coaching, it's too time-consuming. Too, I've decided that my body could benefit from an extended rest, so I am dropping the long runs and rides (mostly) for the next macrocycle or two.

For now, I'm focusing on cycling and strength training. On the side, a little bit of running and always the avid pursuit of hiking up great big hills with a pack on! :-)

Lately I've been playing around with crossfit workouts. I do some of them as posted, but I'm also writing, naming, performing, and prescribing my own based on a lot of the same principles. It amazing, I'm seeing changes me and in some of my clients.

Yesterday I did 20 dips, totally unsupported. Big step for me.

Some of my goals for 2008:
Do at least one wide grip pullup
Do at least one L pullup
Do at least 5 handstand pushups
Someday, 1 muscle-up
Become a vicious climber on the bike!

thus begins week 2...

Wow. Week 2 of Spring season already!

Week 1 flew by. Track practice on Thursday night was a ton of fun. About 75% of the team turned out at Foothill for a little bit of running, a little bit of strength training, a little agility, and a lot of ice-breaking!

Saturday morning we had our first swim/bike practice at Burgess. What we thought would be a logistical problem turned out to be a boon--we are now finding ourselves with ample extra time for clinics and extra strength and stretching...and a set-up that permits all riders to go out at once. This is great because it keeps the staff from getting overly split up, and makes SAG a lot easier.

Unfortunately, while we were out on our ride, we came upon a man laid out in the left turn lane who had clearly been badly injured. He was being tended to by several other cyclists and a motorist, and an ambulance was already on the way. I don't know what has become of him, but it's likely that he suffered a pretty severe head injury. It was scary and sobering, and probably upsetting for the participants that saw it. I was riding with a group of about 10 people, and once I was sure it wasn't one of ours who had gone down, I sped past everyone and shouted...

"Always wear your brain bucket!"