Monday, March 19, 2007

whirlwind OTC trip!

Where to start? It's been almost TWO weeks since my last post. Unbelievable.

It's been a whirlwind, I tell you!

The past two weeks of training have had their ups and downs, due to time constraints and traveling to and from the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. I was there for 3 days last week to take USAT's Level I Coaching Clinic, hands down the best clinic/continuing education I've ever attended. It was really exciting; I went with Liz Elliott (owner of Happy Fish and soon to be co-coach) so we can get legit for starting a kids' triathlon club in the East Bay this summer.

We got to stay in the athlete resident halls and eat all our meals in the cafeteria. This was a cafeteria like no other; everything whole grain or produce based, all lean meats, and pretty much open all the time! They had some really creative dishes out--butternut squash au gratin, a barley-corn-provolone bake, stuffed flank steak, orange chicken, quinoa salad, broccoli and penne with chick peas, all the steamed veggies you can imagine, a salad was amazing. And all I needed to get in was my handprint! :-)

The clinic was top notch. Huge names in the field were presenting to us--Bobby McGee, Bob Seebohar, and a whole host of people from Carmichael Training Systems (Chris Carmichael is Lance Armstrong's trainer).

I left feeling inspired. This could be a whole new world for me.

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