Thursday, March 22, 2007


Last night I figured out why I kept flatting at Wildflower.

While replacing my tires and tubes (with significantly better ones acquired at the-shop-formerly-known-as-Santa-Teresa-Bikes), I found a large hole in the rim tape right over a spoke port.

Checked the tube to see of the location of the blowout corresponded. It did.

Sigh. Off to PA bikes to get some rim tape.


csilla said...

glad you found the problem spot! did you find it before you bought new rims, or after?

Elizabeth said...

didn't buy new rims. bought new tires. BEFORE i discovered the issues. :-P

it's okay, my tires were crappy and needed an upgrade.

now i am going to be a badass on my lovely, handmade german tires ($$$$!!!). ;-)