Monday, March 26, 2007

ending week 8

Even after taking most of last week off from any serious training, I'm still feeling a bit under the weather. Throat feels better, but now I've got a pesky cough that settles in every evening. I read recently that a common cold takes 5 days to show up, inflicts misery for 5 days, and then takes 5 days to go away. If that's the case, then I really hope this one's on it's way out.

I didn't end up going to track last Thursday at Stephanie's urging. Instead, I slept for about 11 hours. It helped. Friday, I hit the pool after work for a very light swim just to maintain water-feel. Only did about 1000m of drills.

Saturday, I went ahead and went to team practice. I knew it would be a down week after the workout at Wildflower, so I was pretty sure I'd be up to it.

We did a bike-run-bike-run brick. The biking was all flat; disappointing but probably better for me. It gave me a good chance to feel the handling of the new tires. They're nice. The runs were quick and on the track.

The swim ended up being a bit more than I bargained for, but I hit a groove and could have gone on a lot longer were it not for my better judgement.
400m warmup
10x50 drill
50 @ L2
100 @ L2
150 @ L3
(repeat 4x)
and then...Soren the slave driver gave us this:
20x50, 25L4/25L2

After that, the count was well over 3000m and I decided I wasn't about to blow out a shoulder. I said "I'm out!" I hopped out onto the deck and it wasn't long before my teammates followed suit. :-)

Sunday...There was no workout posted, but I knew it would be a long run, probably 9-10 miles. Still feeling hacky and sick, I decided I wasn't up for a run but that a hike would be fine. I drove out to Big Basin and did the Berry Creek Falls loop. It's an old fave of mine and it's about 12 miles, with a fair amount of climbing. The falls were all running quite nicely, and I got an early enough start that there weren't many people out at all. The trillium were blooming all over the forest floor. I had to watch my step to avoid squishing scores of newts and banana slugs along the trail. The air was clean and moist and served to soothe my throat and cough. What a great way to fit in a little cross-training!

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