Thursday, March 22, 2007

middle of week 8

i realized i've blogged a lot over the past few days, but not so much about training.

the past two weeks have been rough--at least in terms of midweek training.

last week, the only workouts i was able to fit in after my killer dish run on sunday were a 2K swim on monday and a 1K swim on friday (at the OTC, no less).

then the big weekend at WF.

monday I decided to slack it completely--no swim, no nothing...just a little bit of stretching.

tuesday morning, i woke up with a sore throat that got worse as the day went i refrained from spinning.

wednesday...i should have had a swim, but i was feeling worse yet. i decided to spin lightly for a little while. after 20 minutes, i'd broken out in WAY too much sweat for a spin that i cancelled the rest of my clients and went home for a nap.

today my throat is still bothering me, but not as much. i feel better, but sound a lot worse. squeaky squeaky! i went ahead and packed my gear for track tonight...we'll see how i feel when i get there.

it's gotten very hard for me to take a break from training when i probably need it. i know, intellectually, that i've got a great base fitness level developed...but it's tough to let up when I've got a couple of big races hanging over my head.

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