Tuesday, March 03, 2009

This just in...

Wow. A lot has happened since I ventured here.

The long and short of it:

I have signed up for and am now training for Vineman 2009, a full Iron-distance triathlon to take place on August 1st in Santa Rosa, California.

I still have a broken wing, but according to physician, swimming, biking, and running are all still okay. I will probably need shoulder surgery, but I really won't be delaying it that long, if at all...I would probably have scheduled it in August anyway, as that is my slowest month of the year at the gym.

Right now, I am frantically writing a workout schedule and signing up for "tune-up" events leading up to the big day. I have a lot of details to work out. I will post more when I have a bit more of a fence around it.

Oh, my lord. Five short months. What have I done? :-D

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