Friday, October 17, 2008

this could be love

Thanks to Quoc, our web captain this season, here is a picture of me on one of the first few rides on the new steed. Damn, I look good on that bike. And I go far faster than my current fitness level should dictate. And carbon makes a really cool sound when you coast downhill: rumblerumblerumble.... She is as yet unnamed (though distinctly female) and she far exceeds my skill set when it comes to cycling. Hey, nothing wrong with a bike I can grow into, right?

As far as Eddie...he continues to languish in my dining room, still in search of a new rider. I reposted on craigslist last night, and once again, a new hit within 24 hours. Hooray. Hopefully someone [smaller] will see hime and love him as much as I have.

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