Monday, October 06, 2008

the verdict is in

After all was said and done, I went back to the guys I trust and who know me best.

I picked up my lovely new Trek Madone the day before yesterday. Ouch...$$$!!! However...I am looking at it as an investment in my health. The cumulative effects of riding a bike too small for me for 2+ years were no longer worth saving the cash... Before I could go 10 miles, my back hurt and my neck hurt. My knees bothered me on climbs. After long rides my traps would be in spasm for days. I just didn't want to ride anymore, and my beautiful [little] Bianchi wasn't doing me or anyone else any good just sitting on the storage rack.

Anyway, I went out yesterday afternoon for my first ride on the new steed. Holy crap. The bike practically rides itself. I cannot WAIT to see what I can make it do when I am back in racing shape. I did not feel my neck or back even once....and the descents! Even though they were pretty mild, I still felt a huge difference. This bike just felt like it rolled lazily along, whereas the little bike always felt too fast, like I was on the verge of losing control. Only downside...on the way back in, I blew a spectacular flat on Woodside Road. Like, a hole ripped in the tire--so a new tube wasn't going to cut it. I managed to rig a MacGuyver style patch from a Fig Newton wrapper that was stable enough to get me back to home base. Headed back into the shop today...Two hard-case Race-Lite puncture resistant tires, two new tubes (running low) and a new CO2 trigger....cha-ching!!!! Oh well. What's another f#$king $100, right? :-{

Meanwhile, Fast Eddie, my lovely little Bianchi, did not even sit on craigslist for 24 hours before somebody inquired about him. I'm showing him off (and possibly saying a sad goodbye) tonight.

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