Saturday, February 23, 2008

this week's workouts...

...were sparse following a three-day, mostly downhill backpacking trip sat, sun, and mon.

tues and wed, off.

thurs: rx'd x-fit workout: 400m followed by 50 squats, 4 rounds for time (12:44), then balance and agility with the team, 6 rounds.

friday: modified x-fit workout: max reps of DB press and pullups, 5 rounds. used 20# dumbells and medium sized band. totals were...


really died on the chest press. shaking wildly on last set. pullups are getting a lot better, though.

now, i'm trying to whip up the desire to go work out again...after freezing my butt off on the pool deck all morning. sigh...when nothing but a mug of hot chocolate and a book sounds any good to me.

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