Tuesday, February 12, 2008

all about me

I haven't checked in on myself in a long while...at least not in the blog.

I have temporarily abandoned endurance training in earnest for a while. While I am coaching, it's too time-consuming. Too, I've decided that my body could benefit from an extended rest, so I am dropping the long runs and rides (mostly) for the next macrocycle or two.

For now, I'm focusing on cycling and strength training. On the side, a little bit of running and always the avid pursuit of hiking up great big hills with a pack on! :-)

Lately I've been playing around with crossfit workouts. I do some of them as posted, but I'm also writing, naming, performing, and prescribing my own based on a lot of the same principles. It amazing, I'm seeing changes already...in me and in some of my clients.

Yesterday I did 20 dips, totally unsupported. Big step for me.

Some of my goals for 2008:
Do at least one wide grip pullup
Do at least one L pullup
Do at least 5 handstand pushups
Someday, somehow...do 1 muscle-up
Become a vicious climber on the bike!

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