Wednesday, February 14, 2007

can't get enough of that spinning...


Every time I hop on that bike for a spin workout, I never have enough time to get the whole shebang done. Tuesday is spinning day, and my Tuesday is scheduled tight enough to make workouts pretty hard to fit in.

Still, I make it work--yesterday I managed to get all the intervals (4x6' @ L2) done, even if I didn't get all the easy spinning done. 50 minutes overall when it should have been 65.

Monday was great--I squeezed in a 40 minute leg strength-endurance session before my swim.
SL squat w/ 5# DB rotation 15/2x3
Side lunge w/ 15# DB 15/2x3
45# Bar squat 20x3
SL bridge 10/2x3

Swim was:
400 warmup
10x50 drill (15")
10x50 L2
200 cool down

Now, off to do today's swim!

Oh yeah, happy Valentine's day. :-)

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