Monday, April 06, 2009

Vineman training: weeks 3 and 4

Ah, the bloggy has been a bit neglected. I said it to a friend the other day and I'll say it again...dedicated athletes must all be either hermits or monks. Training for an Ironman is hard when you're gainfully full-time employed and coach on the side! So rather than detailing weeks 3 and 4 day by day, I'll hit some of the highlights.

1) Getting hooked up with some coaching through Menlo Masters and Tattersols. Already both have proved very valuable in the form of kickass swim and track workouts. It's good for me to have an experienced coach dishing out the punishment in focused doses. I have no problem getting the volume done on my own, but it is hard to hit any kind of intensity when you are training by yourself. I never knew until last week I was capable of holding a 1:30 to 1:35 pace in the pool for any length of time. I also now know that I'm strong and have good running form, but my cadence sucks and will be the kiss of death at Vineman if I don't improve it soon.

2) A couple great rides with a great group of gals. 40 miles just with Sarah, followed a week later by a headwind-laden 44 miler with Steph, Lynn, Hayley, CJ, Brigitte, Sara, and Meabon. Steph jumped right in and taught everyone how to paceline...thank goodness, who knows if we'd have gotten back by now otherwise!

3) Wildflower practice weekend with the team. This ended up being a great key training weekend for me--I went down early with the gals and pre-rode the long course bike loop on Friday. Saturday I swept the Olympic bike course with CJ, and then on Sunday ran/walked (and partly just ran) the 10k Olympic run course with Steph.

4) A couple of long runs with Sarah before she had her Achilles surgery. It was good to get those in. I can't wait until she can do it again. :-)

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