Wednesday, September 17, 2008

finally a blip on the radar...

After a busy summer, I think it's time I re-enter the blog-o-sphere...

Fall season is in full swing and I'm coaching again.

After coasting on WF long course fitness for close to a year, it's finally fizzling out and it's time to recharge to training program. I'm on an extended hiatus from training for any events and from long runs in particular. Instead I'm going to try and bring up my cycling skills a bit.

First...get back to strength training. Started a new 6 week cycle yesterday of single-leg strength and flexiblity.
SS #1: (SL squatx12 each + GH raisex12) x2
SS#2: (12/12x horizontal woodchop + 12x b.board plank) x2
SS#3: (SL HF squatx12 each + 45#GMx12) x2

and, um, butt totally hurts today. Sigh.

Second...replace my blasted tiny little bike. I must say goodbye to little Eddie. I'm having a potentially sweet ride assembled for me at Trek (turns out I am a funky size, who knew?) and in the meantime will try to test ride a few comparable bikes made by Bianchi, Specialized, Cannondale, and Felt.

Third...ride more. Yeah, need to figure that one out.

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