Thursday, November 01, 2007


In addition to way too much candy, yesterday's dalliances included an appletini and two glasses of wine. Oh, and that horrid ice cream thingie.

I tried to buy candy that I didn't like, really, I did. And some of it WAS stuff I hated. Twizzlers, for instance, taste like plastic. Why are Twizzlers so popular? I think I might stuff one or two in my bike tool kit--they might be useful next time I need to change a flat or something...

I digress. On top of the fact that I've been consuming way too much garbage this week, I've also been a lazy, lazy girl.

So, today...speed squats.

*10 minutes spinning
*Followed by specific speed squat warmup (as detailed previously)
*8x2 speed squats @ 95# (That's right. Sets of TWO. I'm trying to get fast, here! And there was exactly 1 minute of rest between each set).
SS 1: Zercher press 3x12x95#/Single-leg Deadlift, 3x12x15#DB (each side)
SS 2: BB walking lunge, front squat hold, 3x24x30#/BB side lunge, 3x12x30# (each side)

Now, the hour hath arrived. I must go pull out onto the parking lot usually known as the freeway. But hey, on the way home, I'll get to see my little god-daughter.

Maybe I can muster up the motivation for a run around the neighborhood tonight...or at least a spin on the trainer.

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Benson said...

I am so with you on the Twizzlers, I've only eaten a few in as many years and while chewing them, I think 'what the f-' these things are creepy.
Wine and ice cream on the other hand, I'll take seconds on those.