Thursday, August 17, 2006

swamp thing!!!


yesterday evening was the first time i've gone for a swim since wildflower on may 7th!

i only went for the 1200 meter option--i wanted to see how my should would feel, and it seems okay today.

i forgot how much it wipes you out, though--i went to pick up my cousins adam and katie from SFO last night, and i DID NOT think i would make it.

anyway, during the swim i did not hit my lactate threshold, but my stroke went straight to hell from muscle fatigue! it felt like i was swimming through a dumpster full of old spaghetti.'s always been the other way around--usually i'm out of breath before my stroke integrity breaks down. either it was a freak thing or my cardio base has exceeded my strength base!

today i did a spin workout--55 minutes at L2 with 5x4' intervals at L3 thrown in. Then, a bit of core work--about 120 reps or so--just to stay on top of it.

i think my attentiveness to nutrient timing is paying off. i've been recovering from hard workouts much faster than usual.

it really pays to take advantage of that 3o minutes post exercise to suck down some high quality protein--your muscles are like sponges!

tomorrow--pretty easy. run with rolling hills for about 30-40'. not too shabby, easy to fit in on a friday.

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