Monday, March 31, 2008

still got it

Wow--I had a tiring weekend! That, by the way, is a not-so-great shot from the top of Sierra Road.

Saturday was the team's Ride-n-Tie workout. A great brick for them, and fun for the coaches to watch, as partners come and do the event in costume. People always end up pushing themselves more than they previously thought possible, and they have fun doing it! Always a breakthrough day for lots of people on the team.

Anyway, instead of doing the Ride-n-Tie workout with the rest of the team, Lynn and Hayley (clad hilariously as Fook Yu and Fook Mi) and I decided to run the Lexington Dam later in the day. We met outside Blendz at 4 and struck out on the flats first, so we had a mile or so to warm up before grinding up the steep hills to the top of the dam. We tacked on a bit extra at the top by heading out toward the boathouse before finishing the loop up another steep, curse-worthy hill and then heading down the switchbacks back into Los Gatos. Not sure how far we ran--probably around 5 miles or so.

As if that weren't enough...Sunday, Lynn had a buddy ride planned. The route was to be the Sierra Loop backwards, heading up Old Calaveras and Felter Road, and then descending Sierra back into San Jose. Holy HILLS. I don't think I have ever gone up a hill that big. It was 2000+ feet of climbing and it just went on and on! On the other hand, it was a beautiful ride. Heading along the crest of the hills on Sierra was amazing--I've never climbed so high on my bike. At the top, we celebrated. The last four or five of us to round the corner (we were plagued with some mechanical issues) were treated to the sight of five bare butts in the middle of the road. The participants really got to know their mentors and captains, I tell ya. After getting a quick group shot from a passing cyclist, we headed for the descent. Descending Sierra was just about the steepest 4 miles I've ever rolled down--I happily rode my brakes all the way in. My hands and wrists sure are feeling it today!

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